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Aleppo soap manufacturer Turkey, Wholesale handmade

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Aleppo soap manufacturer turkey, Asil Global Inc, professionally makes handmade natural soap production without any chemicals . We produce Natural soaps very cautiously because we care about people’s skin and health. There is also the possibility of manufacturing private labels for brands. If you are looking for a company that produces or wholesales Aleppo soap, you can contact us.

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What is natural soap?

They are soaps without the use of any chemicals. In addition, Handmade natural soaps produced from completely natural raw materials without seles, sls, parabens, dyes and similar chemicals are very beneficial for skin health. therefore, there are two ways to make natural soap. Firstly, making natural soap by boiling and secondly making natural soap by cooling. So, we can say Natural soap is an environmentally friendly product. Since it does not contain any chemicals, it does not harm the environment and people.

Aleppo soap manufacturing Turkey

As Asil Global, we are happy to meet the needs of our customers by producing high quality products. We do whatever it takes to satisfy you and your customers with productions worthy of your company’s quality and size. The process, which is carried out professionally, from the quality of the equipment used to the logistics operation, results in the satisfaction of you and your customers. In addition to producing with your company’s information and logo, we also offer you the opportunity to work independently by producing without logo and label. Our handmade natural soaps, which we manufacture with quality raw materials are suitable formulas and ambient conditions, waiting for you to exhibite in your store.

Private label soap produce

With private label soap production, it is possible to sell soaps of your brand in your own store. Our natural soaps, which are specially produced for you, are also produced with your company’s logo and label if you wish. Natural soaps preferred by France, Italy, USA, Canada, Germany, Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai and Saudi Arabia are sent to the desired address by private label production.

Free shipping offer

For companies engaged in import and export business, the biggest expense item is logistics fees. As a manufacturer, we launch a free shipping campaign to alleviate the burden of our business partners who are into import and export business. And also, we provide free shipping to every country for our customers who buy enough of our products. In conclusion, for more details we you to contact us.

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