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Bleach manufacturers Turkey

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In our article titled Bleach manufacturers Turkey, there is explanatory information for importers, wholesale cleaning products sellers and researchers who want to buy bleach from Turkey, want to have information about bleach production, and want to have information about the usage areas of bleach.


  • What is bleach?
  • Use of bleach in house cleaning
  • Bleach manufacturers in Turkey
  • Things to consider while using bleach

What is bleach?

Manufacturer obtains Bleach by using the chemical substance name Sodium Hypochlorite. Cas No. 7681-52-9; It is a cleaning product used for cleaning, bleaching and sterilization. Bleach is also well-known as one of the cheapest cleaning products, which we use in house cleaning, office cleaning, vehicle cleaning, sterilizing water and bleaching fabrics.

Use of bleach in house cleaning

Bleach, which is a powerful cleaner, is applicable for cleaning dishes at home, on kitchen counters, to remove food stains, and also for general kitchen cleaning. It also cleans toilets due to its virus and bacteria killing feature. The other usage area are; bathrooms as well, especially in common areas, to prevent infectious diseases and to provide hygiene.

Use of bleach in laundry cleaning

Bleach is used to remove food and other stains, especially on white clothes. The product has a bleaching effect on fabrics, is used by keeping dirty laundry in a container, there are also those who use it in the washing machine. However, this is not recommended by washing machine manufacturers.

Bleach manufacturers in Turkey

Companies that produce cleaning products in Turkey can also produce bleach. The only thing to consider is whether the company is allowed to produce bleach. Be sure to ask for the necessary production permit. If you want to buy wholesale bleach, you can supply it from companies that produce bleach or from cleaning products wholesalers. If you want to export bleach, you can get detailed information and price by contacting us.

Things to consider while using bleach

First of all, you should use the bleach by paying attention to the expiry date on the label. Bleach that has expired loses its effectiveness. Do not use bleach directly. we recommend you to use by adding water. And also do not mix with other substances. The gases that emerge and mixed it is harmful to human health. May cause respiratory distress, visual disturbances and chest pain.

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