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Cologne manufacturers in Turkey!

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In our article titled cologne manufacturers in turkey, we will provide guiding information for importing companies. We will talk on the issues that companies that want to buy cologne from Turkey should be aware of. If you want to contact us other than that, you can contact us by sending a message on whatsapp or you can fill the form from the contact section

What is cologne?

Cologne is an alcohol-base product which it is usage extensively especially in Turkey. The cologne, which consists of a mixture of alcohol, dionyized water and essence, is usually the hosts offeres to the guests. Cologne, which has a great place in traditional usage habits, is generally used as lemon cologne in Turkey. In recent years, cologne in different scents has been produced and exported.

What is cologne used for?

In ecery Turkish home you can find Cologne. It provides refreshment and hygiene when guests come home. Pour 3-5 ml is into the hand and rub. After rubbing the cologne you can feel the refreshment and also you can see the effect of the alcohol and its smell in your hand. After the Covid 19 pandemic, poeple used cologne as a disinfectant.

What is difference between cologne and perfume?

Although the usage area is different, it gives almost the same effect. While the alcohol content of cologne is high, there is not as much alcohol in perfumes as in cologne. In addition, the oil densities used are also different. While there is an average of 20-30 percent oil density in perfumes, this ratio is around 2 percent in cologne. For this reason, while cologne gives a harder experience, perfume gives a softer feeling.

Is Cologne stronger than perfume?

Because of the alcohol and oil content in cologne, it is stronger than perfumes. However, the permanence of the fragrances used in perfumes is considerably higher than the cologne. Of course, this subject also varies according to the requested product. If a customer wants to buy a cologne with permanent fragrance, it is also possible to produce it.

How to produce private label cologne?

First of all, determine the packaging of the cologne and then start the production. Unfortunately, standard production is not possible for exporting companies due to the usage habits that differ in each country. For this reason, state the packaging preference to the manufacturer. We make rhe Label design in accordance with the packaging. Label design is one of the most important factors affecting the sale of a product. Specifiy the content of the cologne. While lemon and rose scents are generally preferable in Turkey, amber cologne, tobacco cologne, orange cologne, pomegranate flower cologne, clove cologne and cinnamon cologne are in demand in different countries too. For this reason, the desired properties in the cologne should be clearly communicated to the manufacturer. Make all the features determination, and the production. Thus, you can have your own brand ready to export your desired destination.

Who are private label cologne manufacturers in Turkey?

Companies that produce cosmetics and personal care also produce cologne. If you request private label cologne production, if you specify the standards you want and wait patiently, you can have colognes produced specifically for your own brand. Also, perfume manufacturers in Turkey, fragrance suppliers in Turkey, turkish perfume brands, men’s cologne manufacturers, men’s cologne companies, wholesale cologne turkey are places where you can meet your demands for private label cologne production.

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    1. Hello. Thank you for contacting us. You can contact us on +90 553 801 11 45 whatsapp line. Thank you and have a nice day.

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