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Hair Conditioner

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Hair conditioner is one of the personal care products. And, it is a hair care product used for hair care, which makes the hair easier to comb and gain volume. Asil Global INC, manufactures cosmetic products with high quality and international standards. Meanwhile, we offer the most suitable solution to the customers regarding the packaging. Therefore, for us the satisfaction of the customer comes first. If you wanto to know more about us, please contact our products and services.


Hair Conditioner

  • 200 – 400 – 600 ml packaging options
  • Rinseable / non-rinsable options
  • Adds volume to your hair
  • Makes hair easier to comb
  • Nourishes and repairs hair strands
  • Provides moisture and nutritional support to your hair
  • It is very beneficial for hair health.
  • Chemical and natural production options
  • There is the possibility of contract manufacturing
  • Product suitable for export
  • Wholesale only

Wholesale Hair Conditioner

Firstly, companies that sell personal care products communicate with companies that produce cosmetics. Secondly, the biggest reason for this is; the desire to buy products at affordable prices. In addition, companies prefer places that manufacture various products.Lastly, and most importantly we as Asil Global INC is a manufacturer company who sell wholesale directly from the factory for you.

Private Label Hair Conditioner Production

Cosmetic production is gaining more importance every day. Because, the demand for this sector is very high. Nowadays, most of the entrepreneurial companies who want to sell under their brand name prefers private label hair conditioner. The reason behind this is that the private label is always lucrative for the client.

Asil Global and Export

Asil Global is a manufacturer and exporter company operating in Istanbul. Furthermore, we produce our products in high quality standards. And also, our products are very common and well-known in many parts of the world. To be mentioned, Asil Global is one of the leading company in the industry of dishwasher tablet ( chemical free). We provide consultancy services to many manufacturers.

If you are looking for a manufacturing company in Turkey then you are in the right place. Sometimes, finding manufacturers and contacting them will not be easy. Because it takes time to find the right person or manufacturer. Keep in mind, every manufacturer is not an exporter because the regulation for exportation is totally different than producing. Thus, we want you to know that we are experts in export, which exporting has slightly different procedures comparing to domestic sales. Contact for more information.

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