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Hand Cream

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Hand cream is a moisturizer and model make-up product used for hand. We all know dry skin needs moisturizing and hand cream moisturizes the skin and keeps it warm. Asil Global makes cosmetics and personal care products. Contact us regarding the products you are interested in purchasing.


Biomate Hand Cream

  • 75 ml – 150 ml – 400 ml packaging options
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Makes your hands look beautiful
  • Made from mineral blends
  • Strawberry – watermelon – kiwi – melon fruit options
  • Different color and fragrance options
  • Suitable for private label manufacturing
  • Suitable for export
  • Wholesale only

Opportunity to sell hand cream directly from the factory

There is a wholesale opportunity for companies selling cosmetics and personal care products. For this reason, you can have high quality products at the most affordable price. We manufacture personal care products. You can buy our products in wholesale, whether domestically or abroad. First of all, you need to determine the cosmetic products, personal care products or cleaning products you want to buy. Then you can create a request by contacting us. Our expert team will share the delivery process with you as soon as possible. You can receive your products as factory delivery or address delivery.

With contract manufacturing, you can have products in your own brand!

We operate in the cosmetics and cleaning industry. We also export the products we manufacture to the whole world. In addition to our own brands, we also make private label manufacturing upon the request of our customers. After confirming the private label manufacturing with our customers, we make production with the specifications specified in the contract. Thus, while we are dealing with production, our customers are expanding their customer base by focusing only on selling. As well as having products under their own brands, independent of many production-related procedures! For more information, simply contact us.

I have a customer abroad, I want to export, but how?

Many traders have different connections abroad. However, the export of the products you wholesale may not be as easy as you think. For this reason, both your company and your customer suffer from the problems experienced. As a solution, you need to work with a company experienced in exporting. Thus, by professionally managing the painful export process, we enable you to save money and time from this process. With our 26 years of production and export experience, we offer the most suitable export solutions for you. We carry out all processes for you, from customs clearance to logistics operations. You just select the product you want to export. We complete the production with contract manufacturing or our brands and deliver them all over the world.

More About Asil Global;

You may want to know about us before doing business with us. Asil Global page contains information about our company and our team.

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