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Meet with liquid soap manufacturers in Turkey

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Household chemicals  manufacturers also produce liquid soap, which is an indispensable product for every home. There are some steps to follow and the journey of this product starts  by using some specific raw material in the category of personal care and hygiene,  and ends as liquid soap. So, Let’s explore this journey together.

Liquid Soap Production Stages

  • Packaging design
  • Pump selection
  • Label design
  • Determining the content
  • Legal procedures
  • Sample preparation
  • Mass production and delivery

Liquid soap packaging design

Before the production of liquid soap begins, some preparations should complete. Firstly the most important thing is the liquid soap’s packaging. Liquid soap packaging can can showes variety and is totally up you which one you are going to choose. And also  is important in terms of ergonomics as well as visually. Packaging design should be by taking these variables into consideration.

Pump selection

Liquid soap pumps greatly change the comfort of  applying the soap on your hands use. Because, Pump selection should be  in accordance with package selection and bottles. Choosing a pump in accordance with the color of the product will be visually effective. Liquid soap manufacturers pay attention to the fact that the pump should have a lock system  in order to prevent the leakness. Because it will be useful in terms of safety and ease of usage.

Label design

Liquid soap manufacturers in Turkey attach great importance to label design. Because no matter how high quality a product has, the first thing that attracts people is the appereance  of the label. Private label liquid soap production is preferable by customers who engages in export – import business. Label design directly affects the preference of liquid soap in the market. Customers who buy liquid soap in bulk may request special information on the label. In addition, they can  prefer thier countries language where the liquid soap is sold not only a language they might ask for two languages which one is their country’ language and the other one is the international language ( English).

Determining the content

Liquid soap is one of the most common hygiene products in daily basis. School, hospital, hotel, governmental institution, home, toilet, dishwashing room, restaurant, etc. Soap is the main and very common product which we use it everyday and everywhere . For this reason, the content should determin according to the usage area. While exotic scented colored soaps are preferred in hotels, plain and classic liquid soaps can be preferred in public institutions. In fact, the use of antibacterial liquid soap is quite common in hospitals too. Considering all  these differences, the factory or a chemist can determine the ingredient and the content.

Legal procedures

After all the technical details of the product are determined, the label information and formulation are reported to the Ministry of Health and the UTS record is opened. MSDS and TDS files of liquid soap will be ready. It is a must to obtain the necessary permissions. Liquid soap manufacturers must have GMP and ISO certificates. They have to prove that the production is in international quality standards.

Sample preparation

We prepare the samples immediately after the legal procedures. After the test of the liquid soap sample in terms of packaging, pump type, label and product content, we take approval and then start mass production.

Mass production and delivery

After, all the  processes are completed, liquid soap manufacturers start mass production. The products, which are filled with fully automatic machines, makes the product ready to the customer on the date previously specified. Customers who want to buy liquid soap in bulk can receive the product at the factory, or they can receive it in the country they want, in their  warehouses or their country’S port. Lastly, there many options for the delivery of the products.

Meet liquid soap manufacturers

If you are looking for wholesale of liquid soap,or  want to have private label liquid soap production, to import the  liquid soap from Turkey, then you are  most welcome and  you are at the right place! Our company is operating in the chemical sector for over 21 years, is a company that directs the sector in cleaning products, cosmetics and personal care products. If you want to have liquid soap production at reasonable  prices and high quality, do not hestitate to contact us.

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