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Natural Multi Purpose Cleaner

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Natural Multi Purpose Cleaner; It is a multi-purpose cleaning product that does not contain any chemicals. Thus, you can use it safely because it is produced from completely natural raw materials.

Natural All Purpose Cleaner-herbal-cleansing-biomate-asil-global

Natural Multi Purpose Cleaner

  • 500ml – 750ml – 1000 ml packaging options
  • Does not contain chemicals
  • Made from herbal raw materials
  • Home cleaning
  • vehicle cleaning
  • It is used for industrial cleaning and many more purposes.
  • Suitable for export
  • Wholesale only
  • There is the possibility of contract manufacturing

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Home cleaning

Firstly, many products are used for household cleaning. Meamwhile, these products get their cleaning properties from chemical substances. For this reason, it is very harmful for health and the environment. Secondly, Home cleaning is now easier with our Biomate brand herbal cleaner. The whole house can be cleaned with a single product. Lastly, it is both economical and healthy.

Car cleaning

You can clean the interior surfaces, rims, headlights and engine of the vehicles with a herbal cleaner. Thus, you can clean all parts of the vehicle using a single product. This way, you save both time and money.

Industrial cleaning

Using our herbal cleaner product in the industrial area will provide you with many benefits. You can clean many areas with a single product. Main usage purposes; machinery cleaning, ship cleaning, yacht cleaning, food business cleaning.

Possibility of wholesale herbal cleanser

Companies that sell cleaning products buy wholesale products from manufacturers. For this reason, they gain a price advantage. Asil Global makes wholesale sales to companies that trade in cleaning products. Asil Global, which generally sells abroad, attaches great importance to customer satisfaction.

For this reason, it adds a new one to its customers every day. Asil Global, which sells directly from the factory, creates a price advantage for its customers. Thus, while supporting its customers to earn more, it ensures that high quality and affordable products reach everyone.

Contract herbal cleaner production

Of course, the preference of our customers who think big is contract manufacturing. In addition, we direct each of our customers to contract manufacturing first. You ask why? Because contract manufacturing means freedom. Contract manufacturing means growing. Our customers, for whom we produce for their own brands, are fighting for their own brand awareness in the market. This is both more enjoyable and a very profitable system in the long run.

With contract manufacturing, you can choose the packaging style yourself. In fact, you can not only choose, but also request the production of your own special packaging. And of course, the label design suitable for the packaging and the product is on us! You can work with your own formula, or you can work with the formula we manufacture. This is entirely up to you.

You can contact us from the communication section to have more information about contract manufacturing and to have information about production details.

Herbal cleanser export

As Asil Global, our primary goal is export. The biggest reason for this is to contribute to the country’s economy, and the desire to recognize and buy domestically produced products by the whole world. There are many imported products in our country. For this reason, the issue of export is very important for us.

We produce for our customers, who have customers in different countries, in the packaging and formula they want. We create satisfaction by providing the best service to the importer companies that reach us.

More about Asil Global

As Asil Global, we produce in accordance with international quality standards. For this reason, 90% of our products are exported abroad. To have more information about our company, which has all the quality certificates, you can review the about us section. Our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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