Perfume manufacturers Turkey; Asil Global is an export company that manufactures cosmetics and cleaning products. Our perfume factory is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Meanwhile, We produce private label perfumes for many brands. Furthermore, we send our products to every country in the world. Eventually, The types of perfumes we produce; perfumes, car air fresheners, pen perfumes, reed diffusers and eau de colognes.

perfume manufacturers turkey

What is perfume?

Firstly, Perfume is a product that we use to feel a better smell. The first perfume was used around 3000 BC. Its form at that time was in the form of incense. Meanwhile, It is usage is growing day by day as incense in those days, as understood from the tomb writings of the Egyptians and Mesopotamians. They burn incense to hide the odor of the sacrifices the priests dedicate to the gods. This is the first use of perfume. Although it has appeared in different forms until today, its purpose of use is still the same.

Perfume producing factories

Asil Global is one of the factories producing perfumes in Turkey. Because, making perfume production is a very gradual, important, patience-requiring job. Some information are below for perfume production.

Firstly, there is the raw material collection process. Before perfume production starts, one should brning raw materials to the production center. Secondly, Herbal ingredients are harvesting around the world and harvested for their fragrance. Animal products, on the other hand, we obtain by extracting some oils from certain animals. Eventually, The aromas of synthetic perfumes are created in laboratories by chemists.

The production of perfume fragrances takes place after the raw materials collection in the production process of perfume. Vegetable oils and raw materials are obtained by steam distillation, maceration, enflaurage, solvent extraction and other methods. In order to obtain a perfume afterwards, the fragrances should be mix by a master perfumer. After the smell formation, mix it with alcohol and water. The ratio of this alcohol and water can vary. A fine blend perfume is generally aged for several months or even up to 8 years.

Turkish perfume brands

Turkey’s perfume brands are preferrable by many countries, especially in the Middle East. Turkish perfume brands produced with high quality attract the attention of perfume importers due to reasonable prices and logistics advantages. So, If you want to impress your customers with permanent and quality scents, you are in the right place. Are you ready to double your sales with Turkish Perfume Brands produced using the best quality raw materials?

Perfume manufacturers Turkey

Perfume manufacturers in Turkey respond to all demands with different products. Because, Turkish perfume manufacturers, which produce perfumes without sacrificing quality, increase their market share day by day. Meanwhile, Perfume, which is one of the locomotive products of the cosmetics industry, produced by very few manufacturers. So, Please contact us to have more information about perfume manufacturers in Turkey. Our export experts will give you technical and detailed information as soon as possible.

Turkish perfumes Istanbul

As in many other issues, Istanbul is the center of Turkey in terms of perfume manufacturers. There are very few Turkish perfume manufacturers operating in various districts of Istanbul. You can find Turkish perfumes in the options and scents you want in Istanbul.

Turkish perfume market

If we briefly evaluate the perfume industry, the product has moved away from chemicals and synthetics that have undergone innovation in accordance with the requirements of the age, and turned to completely natural and fresh raw materials. The volume of the perfume market has determined healthy growth plans for the years 2016-2026, and the target markets and predicted growth rates have been announced after the sector has grown to this day and its rates have been revealed. Strategies were determined by researching the habits of perfume consumers today and in the near future, through which channel they will consume. The data and statements of the sector are promising at a global level.

Perfume suppliers Turkey

Importers who want to buy perfumes from Turkey have to work with perfume manufacturers, perfume suppliers and perfume wholesalers. perfume manufacturers; they supply the raw materials and sell the perfume as the finished product after the necessary processes. Perfume suppliers and wholesalers purchase perfumes from manufacturers and sell them to demanding customers.

Perfume export from Turkey

As in many product groups, Turkey also has opportunities in terms of export and import in perfume. Perfumes produced in Turkey are of high quality and affordable. For this reason, it is preferred by international traders. If you are also interested in exporting perfumes from Turkey, it will be useful for you to contact us.

Private label perfume Turkey

Private label cosmetics turkey is one of the areas where we are most successful. Generally, our customers prefer private label production. The biggest reason for this is the companies’ desire to sell with their own brand. As Asil Global, we produce private label perfumes. We have special productions with your own formula or the formula that we will work for you. It will be sufficient to contact us for detailed information.

perfume manufacturers turkey

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