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Powder detergent manufacturers and import & export.

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Powder detergent manufacturers are companies operating in the chemical industry and producing household chemicals in Turkey. Furthermore, These companies produce liquid dishwashing detergent, dishwasher tablets, dishwasher polish, dishwasher salt, bleach, floor and surface cleaners, stain removers and many other cleaning chemicals. Thus, In this article, we will provide you information to have and idea on powder detergent production and import & export.

What are the stages of powder detergent production?

Determination of packaging and packaging design

There are some preparations to make before powder detergent production starts. Because, These are just as important as the quality of the product. Meanwhile, Determination of packaging and packaging design is our priority . If you are reading this article, most probably you are a business person who wants to manufacture private label detergents, import and export detergents or wholesaler of detergents. If you are an end user, this article may not be useful for you. As for the packaging design, the first impression is very important for the end user to whom the powder detergent you sell. As a result, The better the product looks on the supermarket shelves or in the detergent wholesaler’s warehouse, the higher the sales rate will be.

Label identification and label design

After the outer packaging is determination, the label information and design should be carefully consider. The country where you want to sell the powder detergent and the information about the target audience will affect the design process. Colors and texts that will attract the attention of the target market, and at least the language of that country and one of the universal languages ​​should be on it. These details must determine strictly before the production.

Determining the content

After determining the external properties of the powder detergent, its active properties also matters and is important to consider. One should consider the usage habit of country where they want to sell retail or wholesale. And also, the economic situation and the place of use of the detergent are very important for determining the product content. Powder detergent content determined in line with this information is formulated only by professional chemist and made ready for production.

Official procedures

There are regulations that detergent manufacturers have to comply with. This issue should carefully examine by the Ministry of Health and its related units. detergent production company must have certificates of conformity. Because, The determined product content is notified to the relevant units, and the registration is opened and the product label information approval is obtained. Preperation of TDS and MSDS of the product.

Sample preparation

After all preparations are completed, the first sample will be prepared. The appearance, label, packaging and content of the product will be tested. The product that passes the tests gets approval for mass production.

Mass production and delivery

When all preparations finish, it is time for mass production of powder detergent. So, Mass productions are with fully automatic machines in international quality standards and powder detergent is ready to deliver to the customer within the given deadline.

Importation and exportation

Powder detergent manufacturers in Turkey; Our company exports detergents to European countries, Middle East countries and Gulf countries. Turkish products are in demand in many markets. The reason why made in Turkey products are in demand is; due to its quality and reasonable prices by many importing companies.

How can i contact powder detergent manufacturers?

If you are willing to buy cleaning and cosmetic products from Turkey, feel free to contact us.

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