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Private label shower gel manufacture?

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We offer production opportunities at international quality standards for entrepreneurs, investors, wholesalers and importers who want to produce private label shower gels. Our company  is one of the leading company  in producing cosmetics and cleaning producer in Turkey, closely follows the innovations of the sector and directs the sectors with its R&D studies. You will never regret doing business with us.

Private label shower gel production steps

Asil Global Producer Group, we do not see our customers who want to have private label production as only customers but also we see them as our long-term business partners. Therefore, we take  professional approaches  from beginning to end. Thus, our business partners also satisfy their customers and our business relationship will continue for many years. As a result, there are some steps and  stages to follow before offering us to do you private label products.

  • Determination of Packaging
  • Identifying the Label
  • Determining the Content
  • Following Legal Procedures
  • Sample Submission and Confirmation
  • Production and Delivery

Determination of Packaging

No matter how high the quality of a   product is, if the packaging selection is unsuccessful, that project may result in disappointment. For this reason, it is very important to determine the packaging. Because, Every job done by heart is unprofessional and doomed to failure. Every country has its own habits and tastes. If you determine the packaging considering these differences, quite easily you can achieve the sales targets.

Identifying the Label

The label issue, which is just as important after the packaging selection, is also very sensitive. Because, The design of the label is closely related to the message the product wants to convey and the socio-cultural and economic situation of the market. We have a professional design team working on this subject. We will make The most suitable label for your customers in line with the information we receive from you. Lastly, we finalize everything in the meeting. You just imagine. Let’s produce!

Determining the Content

Many features will shape according to your wishes such as ; the smell, appearance, density, effect, etc. After these details are determined, they are conveyed to our production manager and product planning and preparations that will satisfy you completely and ready to go. The situation of the target market should also be decisive in determining the content.

Following Legal Procedures

Asil Global Producer Group produces high quality products in accordance with the ministry of health GMP and ISO standards. For this reason, a separate permit should obtain for each new product and brand that you want us to produce, then we do product formulation and label notifications. Separate MSDS and TDS documents should be prepared for each product. All of these processes are handled smoothly. You focus on your customers. the remaining procedures are followed by our professional team.

Sample Submission and Confirmation

The entire process required for the production of private label shower gel is now coming to an end. The first product is prepared and presented to you as a sample, with a combination of packaging, private label design and determined content selected in accordance with your demands. Since this stage is the last stage before production, you can make the final changes here. You can request a slightly more intense scent, correct the part you don’t like on the label, and request less intensive production. It’s entirely up to you. We will guide you to what should be technically, and finally, we respect your decision.

Production and delivery

After approval, private label shower gel production will startand delivered within the planned time. If you want factory delivery, you can receive the products in pallet or in bulk from our factory on the planned day and time. If you wish, we can also deliver it to your warehouse or port in another country. It will be enough for you to tell us the shipping  method at the meeting. You can verify your project by taking delivery of your products with a professional approach without any problems and hassle.

Private label shower gel manufacturers in Turkey!

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