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Production and Exporting from Turkey

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Manufacturing and exporting from Turkey is a matter of curiosity for importer companies. Because, High quality products and competitive prices have always been the demand in Turkey. Therefore, After the Covid-19 epidemic, Turkey and Turkish manufacturers started to attract more attention. Meanwhile, In this article, you will have information about production and export in Turkey.

Importer company directory

Determination of the production sector

With the globalization of the world, import and export have become more important. Countries with high production power and cheap production preferes by countries where there is no production or where labor costs are high. The first step for the importer company is to determine the sector and product that he wants to import from Turkey.

Finding the Manufacturer

After the determination of the product in the sector it is necessary to find a company that produces the requested product. The Center of private label is Turkey! Read our article to know more. You should be careful to avoid any inconvenience event while searching for the manufacturer. The competence, experience, quality standards and customer relations of the company that will produce should carefully examine. The main groups of companies producing in Turkey are as follows; detergent manufacturers, liquid soap manufacturers, liquid dishwashing detergent manufacturers, dishwasher tablet manufacturers, powder detergent manufacturers, bleach manufacturers, stain remover manufacturers, softener manufacturers, cologne manufacturers, perfume manufacturers, shower gel manufacturers, cosmetics manufacturers, glass cleaner manufacturers, wood continues in the form of cleaner manufacturers.

Communication with the manufacturer

After the manufacturer has been identified, it can be contacted by official means via e-mail and fax. But almost every manufacturer’s website has a mobile phone number, landline phone and whatsapp contact number. Meanwhile, Whatsapp contact number can be a perfect choice to get a immediate response. If a company visit is possible, it will be healthier. It will be an advantageous way in terms of face-to-face communication and seeing the products. So, If it is not possible, detailed information should be given about the desired product by communicating with the company through other communication channels.

Order creation

All details must be given to the manufacturer when creating an order. In addition, Packaging and label information of the product, parcel standards, palletized or non-palletized loading, logistics requests and additional information should be given to the manufacturer. Check all the details before approving the proforma invoice.


The manufacturer starts production after the proforma’s approval. After production, we take the products to the warehouse and the manufacturer is responsible for the safety of the products until the loading date. Because, the logistics company comes to the warehouse and receives the products against signature.


After the products delivery to the logistics company in line with the request of the importer company, you should follow import and export transactions. After invoicing, preparation of bill of lading and other customs procedures, the products are on their way to the country specified by the customer. The process ends when the customer receives the products.

Production and export summary in Turkey

In this article, we have tried to provide information as a guide to importer companies. Regarding the sector, of course, we mentioned our own production area, cleaning and cosmetic products. If you have different questions you want to ask in this field, you can contact us instantly from the contact section and whatsapp icon. Our company, which specializes in production and export in Turkey, will be happy to provide support and service on the subject. If you happen to be here, we would be please to host you and talk the details while having a cup of coffee.

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