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Shampoo; It is a dense personal care product and the purpose is to clean and nourish the hair. So, it makes the hair look clean, well-groomed and healthy. In addition, there is an anti-dandruff and scalp care shampoo against hair loss. Asil Global Inc, manufactures cosmetics and personal care. You can contact us to have information about our products which we export to many countries.

şampuan üretimi


  • Packed in 550 ml
  • It gives a lively look to the hair.
  • Provides care to the scalp
  • Provides refreshment with its menthol content
  • It is produced separately for men and women.
  • Effective against hair loss
  • Prevents dandruff formation
  • Different packaging options are available
  • There is the possibility of contract manufacturing
  • Suitable for export

Shampoo Wholesale

Companies that sell cosmetic products and want to buy products from the cosmetic factory should consider the high quality products at an affordable price. Even 1% discount is very important for companies that trade these products. That is why, it is important to buy wholesale cosmetic products. As Asil Global, we wholesale our products in high quality.

Contract Shampoo Production

Most of the wholesalers and companies who have their own brands and want to sell under their brand name in cosmetic market preferes making contract with manufacturing company. You can have the product of your dreams with a matter of time by making contract with a manufucturing company. And, after you determine the features of the product, the rest is our job. You can be sure that we will offer the most suitable solution for you.

Asil Global and Export

Asil Global is a manufacturer and exporter company operating in Istanbul. We produce in high quality standards. Our products are used in many parts of the world. Asil Global is the industry leader especially in the field of chemical-free dishwasher tablets. Therefore, we provide consultancy services to many manufacturers.

If you are looking for a company that manufactures in Turkey, you can contact many manufacturers after a little research. However, it may be a great opportunity for you to meet a company that produces and exports. We want you to know that we are experts in export, which has very different procedures comparing to domestic sales. Contact for more information.

What You Can Do to Get to Know Us Closer

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