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Shower Gel

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Shower gel is one of the personal care products which Asil Global Manufacturing Group produce. We also manufacture cosmetics and cleaning products. It will be sufficient to contact us to get detailed information about our products and services and to create an order.


Biomate Shower Gel

  • 250 ml – 500 ml – 1 liter packaging options
  • ocean scented
  • blue colored
  • Moisturizes your skin
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals
  • It has a refreshing feature
  • Suitable for export
  • There is the possibility of private label manufacturing
  • Wholesale only
  • Possibility of production in different colors
  • Possibility of production in different fragrances
  • Packaging and label work is carried out according to demand.

Wholesale of personal care products

There is a price advantage for companies that sell cosmetics and personal care products. For this reason, it is always more logical to work with the manufacturer. Apart from this, being able to buy products in the desired packaging and label is also a reason for preference for wholesale companies. We do wholesale in the country and abroad. If you are trading in these products, we recommend that you contact us. We do not have retail sales. If you want to buy this product in retail, you can get it from virtual marketplaces.

Private Label Shower Gel Production

Would you like to sell personal care products under your own brand? Without your production facility! Contract manufacturing, which is the trend of recent years, is a must for many entrepreneurs. The reason is very simple. Because you can sell products under your own brand without the need for any production costs and permissions. Thus, while you focus on sales, we produce the product you want. For this reason, we suggest you highly to contract manufacturing company.

I Want Private Label Manufacturing

To get detailed information about private label manufacturing and to have a product design, please contact us by filling out the form. Our expert team will return to you as soon as possible and answer all your questions about the services you want to receive. We recommend that you do not outsource production without meeting with us.

Asil Global and Export

Asil is a global manufacturer and exporter company operating in the cosmetics and personal care products sector. We know that our country is preferred by many countries due to its location and quality products. But we turn this preference into an advantage for our country and our customers. How Does? Of course, with quality and affordable products. We produce for our customers in accordance with international quality standards. Thus, we both contribute to the country’s economy and represent our country in the best way as Turkish manufacturers.

If you want to buy cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products from Turkey, you are at the right place. Because we offer the most suitable production solutions for you. We prepare your domestic and international orders within the deadline and deliver them wherever you want. By following the export process from start to finish, we provide you with a professional export experience. For this, simply contact us.

To Know Us Closer

To have more information about us, it will be enough to visit Asil Global page. Also, visit our Personal Care Products page about our products and services.

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