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Torpedo polisher manufacturers Turkey

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This topic contains information about the torpedo polisher. And is one of the products of our company that manufactures cleaning products. We provide information under the titles of torpedo polisher production, wholesale torpedo polisher purchasing stages, export and free delivery. If you’re ready, let’s start.

What is a torpedo polisher?

Glovebox polisher is a car care product containing glycerine, used for polishing hard plastic surfaces on the front console of cars and other areas.

Torpedo polisher manufacturers Turkey

The issue of torpedo polisher manufacturers in turkey is a topic that mostly importer companies research about it. Importing companies that want to buy products from Turkey, first start a search by entering in google. They get information about the products by contacting the companies they find and doing price research. At this point, there are some points that you should pay attention to. The most important of these companies you find is reliable and can meet your needs. It would be useful to unpack these requirements a little.

High quality production

Every graduate of chemistry schools can claim to produce by mixing a few raw materials. But the situation is not so simple. It may be true that it is technically produced, but the environment and standards in which this production is made change the color of the work. If you are an importer company, the most important feature you are looking for or should be looking for high quality production made in international quality standards.

Production capacity

It is very important for the manufacturer to have the capacity of producing on container basis. Considering that other customers are also in line, the company should have the capacity to produce at least 3-4 containers per week. Production capacity is actually a technical issue which relates to the inventory and raw materials of the factory, but in order not to bore you with these details, check the sizes on the container.

Export registration

The importer company, while choosing the company from which to buy the torpedo polisher, should definitely pay attention to the export license. After all, the journey of the products to the desired country after the production is finished is a special journey between the manufacturer and the importer company. In order not to have problems with this trade, the export ability of the firm should definitely be questioned.


When you place the order, the manufacturers give the date on which he delivers the good. You plan your work accordingly. In this case, not delivering the products within the deadline turns everything upside down. In order not to be in this situation, you should examine whether they can finish the production on the date they specify while evaluating the company from the beginning or not. Contact us for more information.

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