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Turkey’s cosmetics manufacturers information

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In our article titled Turkey’s cosmetics manufacturers information. Firstly, a general information about the companies that manufacture in Turkey and from which you can supply wholesale cosmetics is mentioned. Secondly, General information is provided for importers and companies who are engaged in international trade and wish to purchase cosmetic products from our country.

Who is Asil Global Manufacturing Group

Asil Global is a manufacturer and exporter company operating in the chemical industry for over 21 years. Our company, which produces cosmetics, personal care, beauty and cleaning products, serves its customers with 6 different brands. In addition, we provide professional private label production services to ou customers who want to sell under their own brand.

Turkey’s cosmetics manufacturers

There are cosmetics manufacturers of various sizes in different regions of Anatolia. However, due to its proximity to the world’s market and developing industry, Istanbul is the province where cosmetics manufacturers in Turkey are concentrated.

Another aspect that makes Istanbul a preferred choice is the ease of access to logistics and raw materials. Because, manufacturers of cosmetics operate in Istanbul.

If you want to buy cosmetic products from Turkey, do not decide without visiting Istanbul. If you are looking for both product variety and price advantage, then make the right choice.

import and export of cosmetics products

Cosmetic products have always been the preferred products for companies that import and export. Beacuase, the growth of the cosmetics industry is a fact that we all accept. But as the industry grows, it is equally important for manufacturers to keep up with it. And also, it is necessary to follow and even direct the innovations in the sector. The products of the companies that have succeeded in this have also been the focus of attention of the companies that import and export.

Private label manufacturing cosmetic products

Importing companies that want to exist in the market with their own brand are able to stand out from the competitors and achieve success by making private label production.

In Addition, in private label production, it is also possible to configure the product features, packaging and label completely for the target market. Thus, This practice causes the product to sell quickly and become a demanded product.

Free delivery offer

If you buy enough products, you can take advantage of free delivery. Please fill out the contact form completely to learn about the minimum order quantity and prices that differ for each product.

Wholesale cosmetic products

You can buy wholesale from our brands. By purchasing wholesale cosmetic products, you can have very advantageous prices. If you want a private label cosmetic product for your own brand, you can buy it wholesale.

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