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Turkish antibacterial soap manufacturers

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Turkish antibacterial soap manufacturers; This topic contains information about cleaning and cosmetic production companies and wholesale antibacterial soap suppliers in Turkey. Antibacterial liquid soap, which is one of the issues that every importing company wonders,and also it is a very valuable product to export.

What is antibacterial liquid soap?

After Covid-19, personal cleaning and hygiene habits have become quite different. Nowadays, everybody understand the importance of hand washing better. Therefore, interest in antibacterial soap, cream, detergent and similar products has increased considerably, as well as disinfectant products.

Antibacterial liquid soap is a personal hygiene product with proven effect on bacteria and viruses, thanks to the disinfecting raw materials it contains. Manufacturers can use different raw materials as disinfecting agents, but Biomate antibacterial liquid soap contains Benzalkonium chloride in addition to liquid soap.

Benzalkonium chloride

Cas no : 8001-54-5 It is in the class of cationic surfactants belonging to biocides, with a molecular weight of 340 g/mol, non-oxidizing. It is used in the production of personal hygiene products, livestock and medical products, due to its disinfecting feature.

Turkish antibacterial soap manufacturers

Companies that produce cleaning and hygiene products can also technically produce liquid soap. But, when you mention the phras “antibacterial soap” it totally changes everything business. In order to say that a product is effective on bacteria and viruses, it is necessary to prove it. In order to produce these products in Turkey. It is necessary to obtain a license from the Ministry of Health, Medical Devices and Medicines Agency.

Buy Antibacterial Soap

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What is a biocidal license?

Firstly, Companies that want to manufacture products that act on bacteria and viruses should prepare a technical file regarding the product information they want to produce. Secondly, they should send it to the Ministry of Health ro examine. In this technical file, the physical of the product. chemical, stability, virus-bacteria activity and long-term stability tests should be available. After examining the laboratory test results and product samples, the ministry of health gives you the “biocidal license” then you can be able to manufacture. And then, you can start the production of antibacterial soap. Lastly, Do not forget to ask about the license of the Ministry of Health when you want to buy.

Production of private label antibacterial soap

Private label production is preferred for cleaning products wholesalers and cleaning products importers who want to be in the market with their own brand. After the packaging and label design made at the request of the customer, all technical details are meticulously carried out by the manufacturer.

Antibacterial soap and export

If you have decided to buy antibacterial soap from Turkey, you are in the right place. Because, Asil Global, which carries out the whole process from production to export without any problems. And, offers free delivery to all over the world if the order is sufficient.

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