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Turkish lemon cologne manufacturers have always been a subject of interest by cologne users. Traditional lemon cologne is an indispensable hygiene and care product in every Turkish home. In addition, Turkish barbers also use lemon cologne for refreshing and cleaning after shaving. In this article, you will read aboutgeneral information about the use of lemon cologne and the producers of lemon cologne.

What is Turkish lemon cologne?

The production and use of cologne, which started in Europe and spread all over the world, the usage of cologne started in Germany in the 1600s. When the cologne was first produced, it was produced with aromas such as lemon, rosemary, orange and tangerine. And now companies produce with many other essences and has become one of the indispensables of personal hygiene products. Lemon cologne was first produced in Turkey in 1882, and has become traditional as a care product found in every home and served to guests over time.

What is cologne in Turkey?

Cologne contains lemon, amber, tobacco, rose, chamomile, aloevera, orange, pomegranate flower, green tea, tangerine etc. Although there are varieties of cologne, but firstly what comes to mind while talking about cologne in Turkey is Lemon Cologne. Its production in Turkey is quite high. Although 100 tons of daily production is on going by companies exporting to other countries. Small tradesmen working as boutiques also produces limited amount.

Cologne packaging

The packaging habits of each country are different. For this reason, colognes production for the domestic market are usually in glass or plastic bottles and in 100 ml, 200 ml, 400 ml, 1000 ml and 5000 ml forms. However, the Turkish lemon cologne production for the foreign market varies according to the usage habits of the country you export.

Does cologne kill bacteria?

Due to the corona virus epidemic, which has been affecting the world, the effects of cologne on bacteria have come to the agenda. We do not know whether cologne, which is usage extensively high in the past years, would be preferable for its antiseptic feature. but cologne was also used by health professionals because of its antiseptic feature. So home cologne is effective on bacteria.

Can cologne be used as sanitizer?

In order for a product to define as a disinfectant, firstly it must subject to some tests. These tests are; as Physical Chemical Tests, Irritation Test, Virus Test, Efficacy Test, Accelerated Stability, Long-term stability and stability after opening the package.

After these tests, we can call a product a disinfectant. However, if we think about it, it is possible to say that you can use as a disinfectant for colognes containing 70% or more alcohol. However, you should consider that this information is not official information and is the responsibility of the user.

Turkish lemon cologne and manufacturers in Turkey!

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