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Wholesale surface sanitizer Turkey

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Wholesale surface sanitizer turkey this topic contains general information about the products used in floor and surface cleaning and the manufacturers produced by the companies which manufactures cleaning products. It is a guide for cleaning products wholesalers and importers who want to have information about floor and surface cleaning products. Floor and surface disinfectant products and general cleaning products produced in Turkey and exported to all over the world.

What is floor and surface disinfectant?

Floor and surface disinfectants are cleaning products that contain various disinfecting raw materials and it has liquid and aerosol forms. It usually contains substances such as hydrogen peroxide, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, Benzalkonium Chloride. Since these substances are very dangerous for human health! Before using these products, look for production permit and product quality carefully. Surface sanitizer is effective on virus bacteria which are ont the surface in general

Wholesale surface sanitizer Turkey suppliers

If you want to buy disinfectant wholesale, you should first find out whether the product you will buy has a biocidal license or not. Otherwise, you may not have purchased disinfectant. In order to call a product a disinfectant, it must have license by the institutions of the country where you manufacture the product. If you want to buy disinfectant from Turkey, request the biocidal license issued by the Ministry of Health from the manufacturing company.

Wholesale Surface Sanitizer Turkey!

You can contact us to buy wholesale disinfectants, to have information about export and to get price information.

Asil Global and disinfectant products

The disinfectant products produced by Özdemiroğlu health services limited company, who is part of the Asil Global group company, and sold in the market under the Biomate brand, serve its customers in the country and abroad with products manufactured at world standards. Biomate disinfectant products include floor surface disinfectant, environment disinfectant, hand and skin disinfectant products. Our products, have registeration of the Ministry of Health and have a biocidal license. Meanwhile, you can easily export to all over the world.

We do private label production upon the demands of the customers, are produced in liquid and gel forms. Fruit disinfectant products demanded in different countries also meet our customers with different packaging options.

Disinfectant products and export

For importers who want to buy wholesale disinfectant products from Turkey, finding an exporting company is a very important process. When it comes to disinfectant export, you need to find a company that is approved by the Ministry of Health and has a biocidal production license. So is that enough? Unfortunately no. Every company that has a biocidal license and produces disinfectants does not have the authorization to export. It is necessary to make registration and permission procedures with the relevant institutions. For this reason, working with a manufacturer and exporter company will make things much easier for you.

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