biomate dishwasher tablets
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Time to meet Biomate natural dishwasher tablets!

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Asil Global Inc manufactures the Dishwasher Tablets. There are some products that are not indispensable thus dishwasher tablets are one of them. Whether you use the dishwasher tablets or not, you cannot avoid them.

A fully automatic production facility with a closed area of ​​5000 m2 has come into service. As Asil Global Inc, we take care to be sensitive to the environment and people while producing. It has been revealed how important the immune system is in the process of Covid 19. As a company, we attach importance to these values ​​and produce the dishwash tablets without any type of chemicals and petrol. For instance, Chemical substances that are highly harmful on the immune system are not included in the dishwasher tablets which we produce. We do not use sles, labsa, paraben, petroleum and derivative in dishwasher tablets.

biomate dishwasher tablet

Biomate Dishwasher Tablet

  • Paraben free
  • Sles free
  • Sls free
  • Labsa free
  • Anyonik free
  • Katyonik free

When it comes to environment pollution and human’s health we Asil Global Inc is extremely sensitive.

Usage Instruction: 1 Tablet is adequate for 5 KG laundry. Place the tablet on the top of clothes in the machine.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow it. If swallowed seek medical advice quickly and go to the nearest clinic. Do not use for hand, body and face cleaning.

Our company, which has been operating in this sector for 21 years, is a pioneer in natural dishwasher tablets. Therefore our product, which attracts great attention throughout the country and abroad, and the sale is avalaible only in bulk. Meanwhile you can find detailed information about the product from the link below.

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