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Do you think fruit gel would be a disinfectant? We have done it.

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Do you think fruit gel would be a disinfectant? We have done it.
Asil Globa Inc, produce Fruit gel disinfectant with numerous fragrance and flavours.

Once again, due to the global pandemic, the importance of skin hygiene has revealed.
Mostly in our daily jobs we use our hands which means we carry many different bacterias and viruses on Daily basis.

Use of fruit gel disinfectants and hand hygiene

As it is known, the simplest and healthiest method to keep our hands clean is to wash them frequently with plenty of water and soap.

Generally, we spend an average of 12–14 hours a day outside. Accessing to water and soap may not be available for most of the time. However, during this period, our hands touch numerous places and items such as; telephone, computer, door, elevator, car, door handle, key, bag, file etc. As a result chances of getting infected is high.

In order to prevent this negative situation, we have to use an antibacterial product., primarily hand and skin disinfectants. Applicable area; vehicles, school environment, offices and many other places and you can easily carry them in your bag or backpack.

Asil Global INC. , we offer our customers disinfectants with wide range fruit fragrances. However, we manufacture the packs of these products in many different forms and also in a keychain form. Eventually, we produce our fruit gel disinfectant products in international quality standards and has its all certifications

Lastly, we export up to10.000.000 pieces annually our fruit gel disinfectant products, which are the extracts of melon, watermelon, strawberry, banana, kiwi, orange.

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