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Asil Global INC. Produces private label cosmetics with fully automatic machines in international quality standards, under the supervision of our specialists.Because, we all know that there is lots of regulation regarding the production. Furthermore, Our company, which produces private labels in GMP standards, notifies all products in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and acts very sensitively on employee’s safety and hygiene issues. And also, Our facilities have GMP – FDA – ISO – BIOCIDAL – EPA – CE certificates.
Therefore, Asil Global INC, Is one of the leading companies in its sector. Thus, We provide professional support to our customers in private label productions. Lastly and most impotanly,The consumption of cosmetics is increasing every year and also the quality of the products and the production conditions are very important. So, Your cosmetic products are manufacutered carefully  in GMP standards


Our private label cosmetics production services are mainly as follows;

  • Liquid Filling
  • Viscose Filling
  • Tube Filling
  • Aeresol Filling

Liquid Filling Private Label Products

Tube and Viscose Filling Products

  • Cream Production
  • Lotion production

Our Aerosol Filling Products

  • Production of spray air freshener
  • Deodorant production

Asil Global and Export

Asil Global is a manufacturer and exporter company operating in Istanbul. Thus, We produce Our products in high quality standards. And also, The usage of tablet is very common in many parts of the world. We are one of the leading company in the industry. thus our dishwasher tablets are chemical-free. As a result we provide consultancy services to many manufacturers.

If you are looking for a company that manufactures in Turkey, you can contact many manufacturers after a little research. Because, It may be a great opportunity for you to meet a company that produces and exports. Meanwhile, We want you to know that we are experts in export, and exportation has different procedures with domestic sales. Contact for more information.

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